Invicti is a fully integrated, multi-user web application with built-in workflow and reporting tools that scale to meet business needs​


pages scanned daily


vulnerabilities detected daily


vulnerabilities detected per site on average


of scanned websites have critical issues

This solution helps enterprises of all sizes across industry verticals organize web application security. Small businesses as well as Fortune 500 organizations rely on Invicti to detect vulnerabilities in their web applications and prioritize fixes.

Advantages of Invicti

Web Security Automation

Invicti helps address IT security flaws and fully automates its processes. The software conducts automatic vulnerability assessment, aiding in prioritizing fixes. An available feature is the automatic detection of current web resources to avoid resource-intensive manual procedures.

Invicti automatically checks and scans all types of outdated and modern web applications, including HTML5, Web 2.0, single-page applications (SPA), and password-protected web resources. Vulnerabilities are automatically assigned severity levels to highlight potential damage and the urgency with which they need to be addressed. The asset discovery service continuously scans the internet to identify user-assigned assets based on IP addresses, top-level and second-level domains, as well as SSL certificate information.

Scalability as You Grow

As businesses expand, so do security requirements. Invicti scales to meet the needs of both small businesses and large corporations. One key to its scalability is Proof-Based Scanning, which prevents resource wastage on false positives.

With Proof-Based Scanning technology, Invicti safely leverages detected vulnerabilities and generates proofs of exploit or proof-of-concept, validating that vulnerabilities are not false positives.

Invicti's monitoring dashboards provide information in a concise and understandable format, even when users have a large number of web resources.

Invicti utilizes scalable scanning agents that report back to the main application, effectively utilizing multiple IT resources to reduce scanning time.

Complete Visibility

Invicti understands the need for full visibility, especially when managing a large number of web resources. It provides clear and comprehensive insight into the state of information security both at a high level and in detail. Invicti's reports can also be customized to meet user requirements.

Invicti offers numerous ready-made reports for various purposes, catering to both management and developers.

If built-in reports are not sufficient, users can create their own reports using custom templates.

In addition to compliance reports, which include ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA reports, third-party PCI DSS attestation of compliance (AoC) reports can also be requested.

Achieving Maximum Efficiency

Invicti is not just another application scanner; it's a comprehensive vulnerability management solution. It can be integrated with existing issue tracking systems, allowing users to seamlessly fix and retest their web applications. Additionally, Invicti can be integrated into the user's SDLC to avoid significant expenses in fixing faulty web applications that make it into the production environment.

Invicti features built-in team management and vulnerability management capabilities, which can be used to create roles, assign issues, review remediation processes, and retest upon completion.

Vulnerability management can be handled using third-party issue tracking tools such as Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, Jira, as well as vulnerability management systems like Metasploit or Kenna.

To secure applications from the outset, Invicti can be integrated with CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bamboo.