About us

iScutum is a Ukrainian IT company that specializes in implementing and supporting IT and cybersecurity solutions. We also offer cloud space and servers at the best prices

 iScutum Team and Mission

Lesia Popovich, CEO

We use a project-based approach in collaboration with our clients. Our goal is to  find, propose, and, if necessary, assist in implementing the best cybersecurity solutions that meet the unique needs of your company.

Personally, I have over 15 years of successful experience in managing complex IT and cybersecurity projects, including software development, integration, product development, and outsourcing.

Maria Kalinichenko, COO

We embark on a mission to craft solutions for your challenges, infusing an innovative twist with our unique and personalized client-centric approach. 

Unveiling creativity, we redefine problems, ensuring your tailored solution is a beacon of individuality in a sea of possibilities.

Nadiia Kropotko, BDM

My mission is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge security solutions and organizations seeking robust protection. 

I believe in building strong relationships with clients, understanding their pain points, and presenting innovative cybersecurity offerings

Yuliya Rogova, BDM

Our employees are primarily IT enthusiasts with extensive experience. They collaborate with vendors, actively develop and enhance our portfolio of products and services to provide the most innovative and effective solutions for our clients.

Our role in partnering with vendors is not just to use their technologies but to actively cooperate in addressing the challenges of our clients. We help vendors understand market needs, propose our own ideas, and assist in implementing them.